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Take home kits

Window, glasses or candle. 

 Take home kits!

Pre-Drawn for you snowman on vase, glassware or 8x11 picture. You will get all of the supplies & directions to complete at home. Paint for the glassware is enamel and must be fired to be dishwasher safe. 

Please contact to me to order 7 for pricing.


Name on wood take home kit: includes, 6"x12" minimum wooden board depending on name size, permanent markers, sealant, brush and hook for the back. $25

Wine glass ~Take Home kit!!!

These are pre-drawn wine glasses. I have various designs to choose from! You will the special paint, brushes 7 directions on how to fire. As easy as coloring a color book. Glasses are dish washer safe once fired in the oven.

Take home kits avail for $13 per glass. Finished for you $20 each.

 You will fire them yourself or you can bring them back and I will do them for you for an extra $3 per glass.

To order please call or text Shelby @716-307-7517


Pre-drawn 2x3 foot windows. Any design you can think of. Cost for the pre-drawn window kit starts @ $70 plus tax depending on  the design.

You will get paint, brushes, sealant 7 directions on how to complete.

Any age can do this project, Fun for the whole family. 

TAKE HOME faux stained glass KITS!!!
Free online demo included with purchase

You will get a template to trace with liquid lead, & then you will fill it in with special paint, just like a coloring book page, However, You do not have to be careful to stay in the lines! Any age can do this. I have an online demo that I will add for you to watch, if you need help, plus you will get written directions. You can choose ANYTHING THAT YOU can think of for a template! Please text me or call me to purchase w/a picture choice, 

COmes with 8x11 framed glass, 6 colors, brushes & sealant. $25 each~ 

Local pickup in Olean Ny or Shipping available. 716-307-7517

Decoupage Planter take home kit

Decoupage planters! Any color you want for your fabric. Any age can do this it is easy! They are so pretty and hold up very nicely even out in the weather! $25 for 9' planter for Please call or text me to purchase your kit.

LOcal pick up in OLean NY or Shipping available. She;by-716-307-7517

Charcuterie board take home kits

 Charcuterie board kits predrawn for you with any design you can think of.

Comes with handles, lazy suzan, or legs, plus sharpies, brush & sealant.

17" round $55 for the kit. 12x24" rectangle $45 for the kit. 

Please call or text Shelby to order 716-307-7517

Wooden Snowmen Take home kits!!!

12x20 tall $30 each- call or text Shelby to order-71-307-7517

4x4x12 & 4x4x18 tall Set of two
$30 each- call or text Shelby to order-71-307-7517

Canvas or wood Painting -Take home kits!
W/Online demos- your choice!

Whether you want a new hobby or want to get a few friends together....I make it easy to do so!

Order your kits, set a date, and all you need is access to someone's Facebook & a tv that you can cast your screen to. Take your time, pause, rewind or fast forward! Simple & FUN! The videos that I have ready are below.

You will get everything you need to complete the 16x20 canvas.

Your online demo will expire after two weeks. from when you have me activate it. 

TO purchase KITS please CALL OR Text sHELBY- 716-307-7517 -Shipping available!

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